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June 2014




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Jun. 5th, 2014


cooking level up :D




May. 30th, 2014


the simple pleasures in life

So this week in hall was much better, with an impromptu visit by lynn and jw, the brah and a lovely dinner with the sc girlies ^^ (we need a better name to call the six of us maybe the farting lovelies or sth) though it meant that I didn't get as much studying done as I'd hoped, it was fun showing them around the part of Singapore that's become a second home to me. For all its inconveniences and ugly buildings ntu's serenity and greenery has grown on me, and for a long time it felt as though nobody was very much interested in discovering the certain beauty beyond "pulau ntu ah, wah damn far". Pity I wasn't more free to host them, but between the durian party, self-cooked dinner and eggy berry feast, I think I'm good to go for the last


On Mon lynn and jw popped by after their trampoline date, and though I didn't usually hang out with jw much, it was still a great time chatting abt hc gossip, deciding to have a durian party at the last minute and going running with lynn. kinda cool how our relationship has evolved since jc, we're more comfortable with each other now and it's only just become apparent to me how much I depended on them to get through jc.


Hung out with mah homie on Wed, and it was a foooooodie affair - stuffed ourselves with "ice kachang without the yucky bits" after lunch, and discovered that we liked and disliked the exact same things in desserts - except durian and red bean!! Haha. Cooked a passable dinner in hall and stuffed our faces too. We need to go run tgt soon brah 


Dinner at egg&berries @ westgate was really legit, we were all starving ogres but too polite to dig in before everyone's food had arrived. Poor me bore the brunt of tricia/kiona/not lizzie's dagger stares and my own growling stomach as the other three plates of food sat wafting before us... When tricia finally dug her fork in there was a collective aah and the three little pigs instantly became quiet, digging in to their food LOL. Dk how to describe the scene but it was faintly amusing. Afterwards we got our respective desserts (wheeee beans talk ^^) and then it was time for lizzie and kiona to journey (more) westward!
We didn't have a lot of time to spend tgt, but finally brought them to the prettiest spot in ntu to laze under cover of a thunderstorm. Super yolo with the lightning illuminating the skies every ten seconds, but it was at least memorable :) 


So that concludes my rather enjoyable week :) I realized I don't really need a lot to be happy, just good company and food. The next few weeks are gonna be really trying :( just to end off with a few thoughts:


1. Would I be as bothered if ntu were flooded with Europeans, British and American students, instead of Chinese ones?
2. Seeing as I'm probably doomed to a life of work and overwork, will I ever lose the desire to have fun, and should I be hoping I do?